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Learning options, duration, time schedule, here you will find all answers to organization, structure and delivery of the programme at first sight.

The Professional Development Programme in Maritime Welfare (MARI-WEL) offers expert professional knowledge in maritime welfare, using the latest in distance-learning technology, including an advanced e-learning platform to which only registered students have access. Through the e-learning platform, participants will have access to video lecture from experts, self-study and self-assessment material.

As an open-access continuing education programme, MARI-WEL can be accessed at any time of the year. The programme carries 8 credits; each credit represents around 25 hours of work by the student including preparation, reading and assessment. After the first payment has been made, a participant will have twelve months to complete and pass the three modules that make up the programme.

Successful students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion of the Professional Development Programme in Maritime Welfare.

The entry requirements are working knowledge of English as well as computer literacy sufficient to meet the distance learning demands of the programme i.e. to be able to navigate the e-learning platform and take online examinations. It is the participants´ responsibility to ensure that they have access to a computer and internet connection.

Interested candidates should register on the e-learning platform using this link

You will be required to provide your details as well as confirm that you have working knowledge of English and computer skills sufficient to meet the distance learning demands of the programme.

You will receive access to the e-learning materials as soon as you pay the appropriate fee. You may pay for each of the modules separately, to gain immediate online access to their contents. The modules can be taken separately and in any order you prefer. Registration is open from the 25th of June 2018 onwards, course enrolment will commence on the 1st of August.

Registration does not give access to the e-learning platform. Enrolment on the MARI-WEL Programme requires payment of the fees as indicated below.

Fees include access to the e-learning platform with the full study materials. The fees also provide the examination, and one re-sit examination if necessary. Participants must cover the costs of any special arrangements they request.

The total cost of the MARI-WEL is USD 1,800. Module 1 and 3, carrying 2 credits each, cost USD 450 each, and Module 2, carrying 4 credits, costs USD 900. Online payment can be made by PayPal or by bank card, by using the following link. For other methods of payment such as bank transfers, please contact email us for details:

Discounts may be available for multiple applications and/or for applicants from smaller welfare organisations and charities. For more information, please contact us through Please provide the names of the applicants and their company/organisation.

The target audience for the MARI-WEL programme is ship visitors, port chaplains, shipping companies HR departments, ship management companies and crewing agencies or anyone with an interest in the welfare of seafarers.

Upon the successful completion of all requirements, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion Professional Development Programme in Maritime Welfare (MARI-WEL)

The full Terms and Conditions are available here Please add hyperlink

If you have specific questions about the programme, please contact us: